Being fascinated by bicycles and the cargobike for years and well aware of its live changing abilities, we pursue an idea that tackles two of our biggest challenges: (urban)mobility & waste.

By using our creativity, applying and sharing our skills we develop (cargo)solutions that provide a handmade, high quality, low energy alternative to current trends. Towards a safer and more sustainable future.

stay tuned.
things are changing…

We started in sheds, moved several times, worked with the most basic tools, but we have come a long way since then. Lets backtrack a little through the recent years and then look forward to whats to come – we are just getting started…

Short- & longterm ideas, next steps and wild fever dreams. Read about what we work towards.

built to last. From existing bike frames and steel – carefully selected, modified and purpous-built. Each unique and handcrafted with care.

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